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I put away my pen for sometime and gave more of myself to my duties as a wife, mother, teacher and student.   I guess a part of me missed writing all this time, so here I am snatching a few minutes to jot down some insights I have had these past few months.

Wisdom has opened a piece of sky and shone some light into my otherwise mundane day-to-day life.  And what I’m about to share are realizations I have had and minute lessons of life I’ve learned lately.  They may not sound “big deal” to some but I feel I have to write them so they don’t crowd my small head (lol).

First in line is one real monster of a lesson:  People sacrifice health and family to pursue a perceived good – one might call it a dream or ambition.  And then what?

Of course, I know we all have to pay the price for whatever it is that we want to have but I’ve learned that to sacrifice my health and my family for it is pure and simple stupidity.   At the moment, I am pursuing my doctorate and at times the demands of my studies  coupled with work-related stress cost  me my health.  Now I understand that I am truly different from others in every sense of the word.  For one I’m a turtle and I actually feel it that when I rush things or when I push myself beyond the limits of my physical and emotional strength I get sick.   As in real sick  and I have to stuff my body with antibiotics, painkillers and other nauseating pills.  So I’ve learned to slow down and work in tune with the pace of my own energy.   Always “going placidly amidst the noise and the haste.”  No rushing and hashing whatsoever!

Next in line is this:  We have to live with the little ironies of life. 

Life dishes out little ironies now and then.  And most of the time we are caught unawares.  Whoa and what a ride I had learning this lesson!  I can say that after my futile attempts at righting the wrongs  in the name of idealism and religion, I’ve learned to accept their persistent presence in our lives with straight A’s.   Now I can just smile when one shows up on my plate.

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