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What I Learned from Bruce Lee..

10/30/12 7:40 a.m.

I am one of Bruce Lee’s fans even if I was not yet around during his stardom and that I was just a few months old when he died.  Well, his legend lives on as they say.

I am his fan not just because of his great karate moves or his incomparable strength which others have described to be almost epical.  I am his fan because I like his principle in fighting and in life:  “BE LIKE WATER, my friend…”  he used to say.  I never thought such a big hulking and almost haughty movie star would have such profound wisdom.

Be like water indeed!  Flowing.  Beautiful.  Life-giving.  Powerful!  Destructive?

And quite  true for all of us.  However, we have to decide what kind of water are we going to be.  Life-giving and life-sustaining or life-threatening because only deadly mosquitoes thrive there!

On  Writers

What makes writers different from others?

Simply this:  They bother to write what everybody else must have experienced and known.

-Belinda   9/28/11 10:20 a.m.

On Marriage

Couples can either grow together  or grow apart.  This is probably the reason why even couples who started very much in love eventually drift apart.

Marriage is continual falling in and out of love, a continual renewing of vows, a continual decision making of sticking it out no matter what, a continual accepting and forgiving… loving each  other and loving the other especially when the he/she is being his/her worst unlovable self.

-Belinda   9/28/11 10:30 a.m.

On Thoughts and Words

Sometimes we are not what we think we are;   (This is just our disproportionate or biased or twisted estimate of ourselves)

But one thing is sure, “WHAT WE THINK, WE ARE!” (The kind of thoughts one thinks is what he is!)

And the kind of thoughts one thinks manifests in his words and his treatment of others…

Indeed, “the mouth speaks what the heart is full of!”

There are people who tend to speak ill of others and can be so mean almost everytime.  It is their high and the very essence of their lives!  (How pitiful!) Their day is not complete without finding faults in others  and even maligning them.  They feel elevated when they have put down somebody.

And they tend to say things (even in your face) meant to make you feel bad…They want to make you feel bad so you will feel the way they do – rotten on the inside!

I run as fast as I can from these people!  I also stay away from them not just because they can direct their deadly darts on me but more because I’m afraid to be infected by their virus (lol!).  I don’t want to gamble having what I’ve painstakingly cultivated in mind and spirit be touched by their meanness and wickedness.

And even when they’re directing their darts on others, I still run away…for this I have learned that people who backbite others in your presence will stab you hard in the back the moment you turn your own.

On People  

Whoever you are, wherever you go, whatever you do, however you look; people will always have something to say.  And whether it’s favorable to you or not, you have to learn to take things in stride and protect yourself from both flattery and denigration.  Learn to let these run down your big umbrella and never touch you.

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What a beautiful way to end a hectic Saturday…

As we entered the crowded hall, I heard Waray poetry being performed (not just recited)…and to my weary mind, it was a balm.  I felt so glad I could be there to witness such eloquence and wit; it was Waray poetry on stage.   Waray language in action!

On one side of the hall were the VIP’s and on the other side sat the the three most honored persons of the night, the Waray poets laureate of the Pasidungog Eduardo Makabenta, Sr. para han Siday 2012.  The three winners whose poems were being performed.  I know one of them, Jhonil, whom I met in the 8th Lamiraw Workshop in Calbayog last year.

How glad I was to be there!  I was not an honoree, neither was I a guest.  I was just an unknown face in the audience but in my heart I was celebrating.

You see, it’s a Saturday.

My husband was in Manila so I had to be in charge of everything in the family: meals, laundry, cleaning the house, changing bed sheets and pillow cases…not to mention the many other things mothers do on a Saturday being a mother’s day which for me includes nail cutting and ear cleaning.  That is a weekend schedule for my kids.

Seeing to it that my children are in school and at home on time is the task of my husband but since he was away I had to take charge of that, too. My son had rehearsals in school the whole day and then a scheduled badminton game at Badminton Republic in the evening. I was glad to note my daughter would just stay at home  and do her own laundry.

Then there’s this workshop for the graduate students in school at 1 p.m.  Lacking sleep and puffing, I arrived at the venue just in time for the first part of the opening program.  I was actually late for it.

Fast forward to 6 pm, graduate school workshop over!  Two of our school paper writers came to pick me up for our date with Eduardo Makabenta, Sr.

I was not sure I could go, it would depend on how long my son’s game would last.  I had to fetch him from the Badminton Republic yet…  He texted me I had an hour to spare for the game would not be over till 8 pm.  One hour to spare!  Was I glad?  You bet!

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